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How to recognize a haute couture shirt


Bolzonella 1934 is not just a shirt. If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing one of our garments, you are deciding to wear something truly unique. Our shirts are products of the highest craftsmanship, whose most details are still cared for and cut by hand, in the wake of the best Italian tailoring tradition.

It is not just a matter of using particularly expert workers or excellent quality fabrics: the Bolzonella 1934 shirt can be recognized for its  details that speak about a garment conceived and developed to be almost perfect.

Softness, resistance, accuracy of the finishes: each of our shirts wants to be a second skin, faithful ally in every significant moment of your life, from the most important business meetings to the time dedicated to your favourite hobbies.




We seek excellence in every detail, and the buttons are certainly no exception. We only use the best Italian suppliers of press studs and select the best mother of pearl on the market, from Goldfish to Haliots types.

Remember that you can recognize a 1934 Bolzonella shirt even from the buttons: look for the daisy, our symbol, which we transformed into a jewel detail, a special "signature" that authenticates your garment.




Collar band without creases and soft internal adhesive: the collars of our shirts have been designed taking into account all possible precautions to guarantee the greatest possible softness in contact with the neck skin, without giving up a perfect aesthetic appearance on the outside.

Furthermore, all our garments are equipped with removable bones: a detail that we borrowed from our tailoring experience.




The cuffs of our shirts are perfectly ergonomic: thanks to their particular shape, they allow the hand and arm to move freely.

The button of the cuff placket, positioned lower than the classic shirt, has been specifically designed to allow an informal use of the shirt even with the cuff open.




Look carefully at the sides of your shirt: the reinforcement triangle that seal the seams is another valuable detail that requires great skill in the assembly. Not only does it have a reinforcing function, but it also turns into an aesthetic detail that enhances the garment.





The Bolzonella 1934 back yoke has a particular high position, designed to slim the figure and widen the shoulders. This type of modeling allows you to easily wear your denim shirt with any type of outfit.





You no longer have to worry about your glasses falling when you place them in your shirt pocket or button panel. This decorative element, which is characterized by the great charm and refinement with which it is made, was designed with a precise functional intent: to anchor the glasses temple to the shirt, so as to keep the glasses safe thanks to a special buttonhole that is embroidered on the chest.




Did you know that a quality shirt can also be recognized by its stitches? In all our garments you will find both the sleeve and the hip closure made in double locked stitching.

It is a single needle seam, with a thread that joins the fabric first on the right side and then on the reversed side. It is a stitch that requires extra execution time, but that we would never give up: the final result, in fact, is definitely more resistant than a normal stitching with a minimal aesthetic impact with greater cleanliness and elegance.